Monday, September 28, 2009

A different way

Working it out: Most newspapers and magazines are cutting staff and expenses to the bone, but Condé Nast is unusual in the publishing world, according to this NY Times story called Cuts Meet a Culture of Spending at Condé Nast.

Thought for today: Why do "tug" boats push barges?

Whatcha call it: I love unique names for something sporting. In college basketball, you used to be able to hold the ball to run the clock; North Carolina called it the Four Corners, while the Clemson Tigers called it the Tiger Pause.

The Wildcat offense is rearing its head in the NFL, and some Miami Dolphins people are calling it the WildPat for new Wildcat quarterback Pat White. The Philadelphia Eagles call it the Spread Eagle. Think about it.

Found online: “We’ve just outgrown this place,” Mr. Scheckner sighed. No, he didn't sigh it; he said it. It might work better as ...," Mr. Schneckner said with a sigh.

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  1. What an interesting comment you make about Mr. Scheckner and his sigh. I just read another blog in which the author criticizes dialogue tags that "play double duty." I wasn't sure what she meant but assume she's referring to the same type of sentence you mention. Writers often want to avoid repeating "said" and "asked," but you clearly illustrate the ways in which that kind of avoidance can go too far. Thanks!