Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A good day for comments

Comments: I rarely get comments on this blog, so my three comments today are special. When I saw I had three comments on three different entries, I assumed there was one writer. No. There were three.

One of the comments was strictly complimentary. Freelance Web Designer Chennai said... Its highly informative. I would be visiting your blog hereafter regularly to gather valuable information.

Thanks. I like to learn new things, too.

The second comment referred to a blog entry on spell check: Tomer said... BTW, a good spell check program is Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com). It adds spell checking to all programs, including blogs. It also has optional grammar checking. Might be of interest.

There is a spell check on this blog. It's been helpful, since I often mistype words as I type quickly.

The third comment: Lubna said... Wow, I didn't know that no word rhymes with my three favourite colours - silver, purple and orange.

Those are three of my favorite colors, too.

BTW, Lubna thanked me for posting a link on LinkedIn. The story I linked to is at The Story Teller. That particular story is not my own; most of them will be.

Thought for today: Why is the word abbreviated such a long word?

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