Saturday, February 20, 2016

Editor who needs experience (not me, of course)

NEW EDITOR: Lately, I've been exchanging emails with a fireman who wants to be an editor. If he could get part-time or freelance work with a newspaper, magazine or web site, he'd do it.

You have to realize that this guy has studied to be an editor, but he has no professional experience. I suggested he contact some firefighting magazines, and he said he had. They'd offered him writing work.

"Then write for them," I responded. It's hard enough to be an editor when you have nearly 37 years experience; if you want to work for a magazine, and they need a writer, then write for them.

I wish I could.

Hey, there are thousands (maybe millions) of be and would-be freelance writers and editors out there. If you have a niche, grab it with both hands.

(NOTE: If you need him, contact me, and I'll hook you up.)


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