Monday, February 1, 2016

The Philbin

Found online: When the Joe Philbin and the Dolphins installed the pass-first offense to cater to Tannehill, it stopped the development of Miller, made his offense line worse and stopped the offense from being efficient.

I'm not exactly sure what the writer meant. He/she could have wanted to say "Joe Philbin and the Dolphins," or he/she might have meant "the Joe Philbin-led Dolphins." Either way might have worked better than the way it was written.

From another article: There is a lot of optimism surrounding the Suh for this next season. He has gotten better and better the past four seasons, and now with a very reputable defensive coordinator, we can expect great things to come from Suh.

This is another sentence in which "the" bothers me. It looks like they were saying something else (maybe the defensive tackle) and changed it; then they forgot to cut out "the."

Why did I bold out "very"? You don't need it here. He's either reputable or he's not. Very is irrelevant.

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